Podcast & Appearances

Stay tuned, as Dr. Rochelle Calvert hopes to launch her podcast by the summer of 2023 ~ This podcast is an opportunity to listen to conversations, stories, and healing experiences of how nature can heal trauma. We will explore how meditation, somatic healing, medicines of the Earth, wisdom teachings from various traditions and cultures can support our capacity to transform our trauma and live into our full aliveness.

This podcast will also explore the ways in which we can invite the healing we experience with the nature to be a catalyst to support the healing of the trauma of the Earth herself. Dr. Calvert will be inviting guest expert speakers from various backgrounds and traditions of healing to participate in conversations around these topics. She herself will also be sharing personal stories of her own healing transformation and invite listeners/participants that have experienced the power of healing with nature to share their stories of transformation. 

This podcast will support you to arrive into the full healing capacities of nature to transform your life. 

In the meantime…