Dr. Rochelle Calvert

Rochelle Calvert, PhD, CMT, SEPRochelle Calvert, PhD, CMT, SEP, licensed clinical psychologist, certified mindfulness teacher, somatic experiencing practitioner has a devoted love to share the power and healing potential of mindfulness, somatic awareness and nature. She has studied and taught mindfulness for the past 20 years and knows personally the transformational potential. To share the love of these healing practices she has published a book Healing with Nature: Mindfulness and Somatic Practices to Heal from Trauma.

Dr. Calvert leads courses and retreats in mindfulness, somatic experiencing and Awake in the Wild, nature-based mindfulness. She also facilitates professional trainings in mindfulness for clinicians and travels the country teaching retreats and seminars. She is the director of the Ecotherapy Program at SouthWestern College and New Earth Institute in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She is a certified mindfulness teacher with the Mindfulness Teaching Institute, the International Mindfulness Teachers Association and Awake In The Wild organization.

Rochelle is the founder and clinical director of New Mindful Life, which offers mindfulness, nature-based, and somatic experiencing therapies. She teaches individual meditations with nature that assist in healing from trauma. She supports her clients and takes them into nature with the aid of Bertha Grace, a Sprinter van that serves as a mobile therapy office.

Rochelle now lives in Taos, New Mexico and has a private practice in both Taos New Mexico and San Diego, California. She enjoys spending her free time in nature, hiking, practicing yoga, exploring Indigenous heritage, and resting with trees. She practices mindfulness-based meditation rooted in the Buddhist Theravada Tradition and practices meditation outside in nature daily.

Training received:

  • Certified Mindfulness Teacher, CMT- International Mindfulness Teachers Association (IMTA) &
  • Mindfulness Training Institute (MTI): Mark Coleman (Spirit Rock Teacher Council) and Martin Alyward (founder of the Tapovan Dharma Community and Moulin De Chaves in South West France)
  • Certified Awake in the Wild Mindfulness Teacher- AITW facilitator, Awake in the Wild training, Mark Coleman.
  • Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, SEP, Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute
  • UMASS Medical Center in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction
  • UCSD Center for Mindfulness. Former professional training director for the UCSD Center for Mindfulness.

Certified Mindfulness Teacher