What Is Mindfulness?

Cultivating purposeful present moment awareness without judgment to the experiences that are arising inwardly and outwardly – for the purposes of living a healthy life.

How does it help?

Mindfulness allows us to learn to re-relate to our experiences. If we do not judge or react to the things that arise in our lives, we can experience more choice and possibility in the moment to chose the things in our life that will best support healthy living.

We learn to pause, take a moment to truly experience what is here- mind, body and heart- then choose what’s best for us in the moment.

Why try it?

Mindfulness can help lower stress and build resilience so we can meet the demands of our day with more ease. It allows us to have more clarity to solve problems. Mindfulness can help us be patient, open and compassionate with ourselves and others. And it can allow us the opportunity to experience peace and happiness.