Mindfulness, Nature & Somatic Practices

"Nature Calls Us Home To Our True Selves. She Reminds Us That We Are Part Of Nature, Intimately Connected To Her, And Beautifully Unique."

- Dr. Rochelle Calvert

Rochelle Calvert, PhD, CMT, SEP

Rochelle has a devoted love to share the power and healing potential of mindfulness, somatic awareness and nature. She has studied and taught mindfulness for the past 20 years and knows personally the transformational potential. To share the love of these healing practices she has published a book Healing with Nature: Mindfulness and Somatic Practices to Heal from Trauma.

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The Book

“This book is a wondrous and emotionally nourishing experience! Reading this book felt like a gentle, restorative exploration of humanity. You begin with learning about mindfulness and somatic practices and ultimately arrive at the ability to embrace and love life and Earth. Nature becomes a wise female power, revealed through the beautifully written descriptive practices. I felt like I was actually sitting in the sunlight with the author in the canyon behind her home, listening to birds and feeling a cool breeze.” - Kelley S..

“What a beautiful book! It is evident throughout that the author deeply cares for the wellbeing of the reader and the earth, and that together, each can help the other heal.” - Melody M.

“Dr. Calvert has written this invaluable book for those who suffer from trauma. She discusses how being connected to nature can heal past insults to the mind and soul. Her simple yet effective exercises have helped ground me during times of stress.” - Scott G.

The Book

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Dr. Calvert offers a variety of courses and sessions in an online format. Get started with a 6 Week Intro to Mindfulness or deep dive into nature mindfulness with an Ecodharma session.

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