SIT 2.0

Recommit to dedication and meaning for practice, explore what mindfulness meditation means to you.

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meditation course san diegoThis six-week course is designed as a follow-up and practice builder to the Six-Week Introductory Training Course. SIT 2.0 offers more practice to deepen your dedication and consistency in meditation training. Throughout the course, sessions will focus on the Foundations of Mindfulness, the Heart Practices of Mindfulness, and therapeutic options for integrating mindfulness into everyday actions. Living a fuller life of practice offers opportunities for integrating mindfulness into our life and within our community. In this course, you will gain a fuller understanding of how to live Mindfulness more fully; whether this is through mindful dialogue, actions, and habits.

Week 1

Refresh from SIT and overview of Foundations of Mindfulness

Week 2

Deepening our practice and Foundations 1 & 2

Week 3

Deepening our practice and Foundations 3 & 4

Week 4

The Heart Practices: Compassion & Loving Kindness

Week 5

Mindful Communication, dialogue, and interactions

Week 6

Practices for Integration of Mindfulness into Everyday Actions

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sit class san diegoMindfulness is the practice of cultivating purposeful present moment awareness without judgment to the experiences that are arising inwardly as well as outwardly. As we learn to cultivate mindfulness within we can begin to see the transformation of the things in our life that cause us stress. We begin to learn to relate to our difficulties if life with more openness, curiosity, compassion, and acceptance. Through an integration of these practices we learn to live a life that is experienced as more meaningful, directional and purposeful to support ourselves and those we love.

We will explore the teachings together in practice, sharing, community, presence and support. This way of learning offers a rich and deep experience to help integrate your mindfulness practice more fully into your life.

Investment: $199

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