Series Three for Clinicians – 2014-08-18

What you can expect in a Series Three course:

(Pre-requisite for this Class is Series One). This class is designed to help clinicians learn to pose mindful inquiry into their clients and/or group participant experiences. Mindful inquiry is the art of learning to lead meditative dialogue. After formal mindfulness meditation practices are lead, their is a ripe opportunity to allow this nature of dialogue to unfold to more deeply allow your client/group to integrate their mindful meditation experience.

This class is designed to encourage the development of staying in the present moment of the experience with yourself and your client when in dialogue to allow the nature of individual knowing to arise. In our ability to remain present in dialogue we can open to the curiosity of the experience rather than presuming the experience of our client, which then allows a present moment experience truly be the experience the client/group receives to fully embody mindfulness in interaction and life. From this class participants will be more skillful in their ability to guide mindful inquiry post lead formal mindfulness meditation practices with their respective clients and/or groups.