Opening into the Breath

Opening Into The BreathMeditation practice is an opportunity to know more deeply this moment. Our breath provides such a wonderful anchor into fully knowing what THIS moment is. Within meditation we can watch the breath movements of inhale and exhale. It will rise and fall, expand and contract, open us into connection with our life, let us fully release into letting go.

When we arrive at an awareness of our breath we can feel our current rhythm in our lives at the moment. Once we are paying attention to our breath in mediation, we can choose our experience of our breath. If we find it short or shallow we can choose to lengthen or deepen our breath. This conscious awareness to our expression of life- the breath, can give us insight into where we are in the moment and where our next choice may be in the moment. We can use the wisdom of our breath to guide us into opportunity for more skillful choices in our life; to live with more ease, compassion, curiosity, and love.

A teacher I recently had an opportunity to practice with, Kittisaro (a monk from South Africa), talked about his teacher Ajahn Cha who encouraged him on his path “To know one thing (the breath), is to know everything”. This quote captures the essence of the deep importance to knowing our breath- our life force, that is with us at each moment and has the capacity to let us know “everything”.

So trusting, relying, resting in the breath; allow your self to open to ALL the possibilities of experiencing this breath, here in this moment.