Online Course Agreement

6 Week Course Agreement

  • Information and Agreement about Mindfulness Practice in Six-week Healing In Nature 

    This form is to educate you about the benefits and risks associated with practicing mindfulness. 

    You have chosen to attend New Mindful Life’s Six-week Healing In Nature. During this course you will be practicing formal mindfulness and somatic meditations (sustained periods of practice 10-30 minutes) and informal mindfulness meditation in everyday life. These practices have been research and studied for many years and have been shown to allow for benefits in life including: increased awareness and concentration, quieter mind, balance and well being; increased ability to cope more effectively with challenges in life; change relationship to pain- physical, mental or emotional, and other possible benefits. While there are many potential benefits to developing these practices into our lives- but there is no guarantee all of these will occur.

    It is important in this process that you are informed of the risks of practicing mindfulness. The risks associated with this course and these practices are:

    Physical: These are practices to aid you in developing your mindfulness practice but if you have physical limitations or conditions they may cause you pain. During our course we encourage you to explore your limits and your own edge through the course but don’t go beyond. Honor what is right for your body in any moment.

    Mental/Emotional: These practices are experienced over an extended period of time, which may give rise to feelings of sadness, anger, fear or other emotional concerns. As you practice mindfulness these feelings may seem stronger as you are paying attention in a conscious way. If you have a history of trauma, psychosis, substance use, or social anxiety mindfulness meditation may heighten challenges associated with these experiences. Please tell us if this should arise and ask for support. You may speak privately with the instructor, either in advance if you think you may have some difficulty, or later if these experiences arise.

    Other people in your life: These practices are a time for you to develop your understanding and practice of mindfulness, and often require being out of your normal routine with others. Being able to create time and space for the practice may cause strain on relationships in your home and/or work environment. Be conscious of ways you can ensure balance to the current obligations of your life and relationships and ways for your mindfulness practice to integrate into your life.  

    Time: These practices require a commitment to time to learn to integrate them into your life. Learning to develop a new skill into your life may feel challenging, difficult and even overwhelming. We encourage you to be realistic and compassionate towards yourself as you learn to find the time to integrate these practices into your life and schedule. 

    *These are some of the possible risks of practicing mindfulness, and is not an exhaustive list of all possible risks associated with the practice of mindfulness*

    We encourage you to speak with us directly if you have any concerns associated with the risks mentioned above. We also caution against people taking this course if you are newly in recovery from substance use, have active symptom concerns associated with psychosis, suicidal concerns, PTSD and/or social anxiety. We also caution individuals taking this course who at present may have medical conditions that limit your ability to commit to weekly attendance of class. We also caution people from taking this course who may not be able to comprehend the nature and limits to the program.

    By signing this form I have read, reviewed and understand the benefits and risks associated with my participation in this Healing in Nature I have discussed this agreement to participation with my instructor and have had my questions answered by my instructor to my satisfaction.