Nature Mindfulness


Mindfulness in nature is abiding in clear present awareness of nature’s wisdom in all directions of life

How does in help?

Mindfulness allows us to be more present in the moment and when we practice mindfulness in nature we often are more easily present as a result of just being IN nature.

Nature itself has a way to alure our senses, cause us to take pause, awaken us to breathe more deeply and be more present to its unfolding rhythms. Practicing mindfulness in and with nature allows us to more easily experience the benefits of mindfulness.

We can draw from the external experiences of nature to aliven our own well-being to support our mindfulness meditation practice more deeply. Nature mindfulness practice gives us more opportunities to experience ease, rest, relaxation, calm, clarity, and openness in our practice and our lives.

Why try it?

Practicing nature mindfulness can help to support our inner resilience, our connection to the outer world, and our capacity to support one another. We can lower our stress and increase our well-being from the practice of mindfulness, but being in nature also supports lowering our stress and well-being. Both mindfulness AND nature can have direct effects on our physical, mental and emotional health. Combining the practices of mindfulness with the experiences of nature can offer us more opportunities to care for ourselves, deepen our mindfulness practice and connect more deeply to the earth to care for universal well-being.