Nature Based Therapy

What is Nature/Eco-based therapy?

Nature/Eco-based therapy is any therapeutic session that occurs outdoors. It introduces a connection to the physical elements of nature that allows a patient to do something during the session rather than just sitting and talking. Connection with the Earth and its systems are at the core of nature-based therapy. Therapeutically the Earth has a self-righting capacity, which operates through complex systems of integrated balance, and if people learn to harmonize with these systems, they can experience improved well-being and mental health.

Studies support that getting outdoors for a nature-based therapy session has immense benefits. A growing body of research highlights the positive benefits of connecting with nature.

  • Walking in nature improved mental fatigue, decreased emotional reactivity and increased positive emotions
  • Walking in nature reduces depression symptoms
  • Experiencing the senses in nature improves recovering from stress more quickly and easefully
  • Serotonin improves when walking or engaging in exercise which has benefits to improve anxiety and depression

We offer the opportunity experience nature/eco-based therapy by learning to practice mindfulness meditation in nature. By walking in nature, spending time in a garden or park and with natural surroundings the therapeutic process is more easily and effectively supported. Clients are taught and encouraged to develop daily practices of mindfulness in nature, spend time gardening, growing food, engaging in community or conservation activities to further their mental health well-being. The nature/eco-based mindfulness meditations are uniquely offered to you and your current concerns to support your health and well-being.

This therapy takes place in a natural setting such as a park, or near a body of water. We are able to offer meeting in the Taos New Mexico (as well occationally in San Diego) Communities with the support of our Sprinter Van to support you therapeutically and learning these practices to support bringing well-being and mental wellness into your life.

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