Blog: My Experience of Equanimity a post by Rebecca Luna, MA

My Experience of Equanimity

by: Rebecca Luna, MA

Utilizing the sense gates to explore present moment awareness has become a fundamental component to my practice. The human system navigates its way through life, responding to internal and external stimuli, in a rhythmic dance, fueled by the inhale and exhale. When we make the conscious choice to engage in mindfulness practice, we are given an opportunity to explore what’s here. We can cultivate an awareness of our habitual response patterns, which may lead to the development of inner wisdom. Sometimes that wisdom displays the areas in my life that are so very out of balance, which includes my inner dialog.

Equanimity, from my experience, is a result of ongoing mindfulness practice, as well as the practice itself. It is noticing when equanimity is present and when it is not. It is about creating the habit of checking in with the mind and body on a regular basis that can lift the veil of automaticity and give us a little more choice throughout our beautiful life experience. This month I will make a commitment to my mindfulness community to practice with equanimity and I invite you to join me. I will take the initiative to notice when equanimity is present, when it is not, even it its just for one moment everyday. Try it…join me and feel free to post your experience with this months theme!

For these blog posts, I want to open it to you, my community, to share your ideas and thoughts. This is not a one-way street and I need you to keep my own practice going strong. Much love to each and every one of you fabulous beings! I leave you with a song that strikes me as a lovely representation of equanimity, Awake by Tycho…