Mini Retreat: Healing with Nature

This 3-hour Healing with Nature mini-retreat features Dr. Rochelle Calvert and Natasha Deganello Giraudie sharing discussion and practices on Rochelle’s upcoming book Healing With Nature: Mindfulness and Somatic Practices to Heal from Trauma. A rich opportunity to learn, explore, practice, and discover the healing benefits of Healing with Nature.

The Mini Retreat features discussion on:

  • Land Acknowledgment -connecting to the place we inhabit
  • Understanding trauma
  • How Nature supports healing trauma
  • Grounding and Orienting meditation with Nature
  • Somatic Knowing with Nature (how to awaken and connect to the body to heal trauma)
  • Pendulation with Nature practice
  • The beauty and wisdom of trauma
  • Chanting and singing to connect to Mother Earth
  • Information on upcoming retreat at the Rocky Mountain Eco Dharma Center, near Boulder CO

Upon purchase of this mini-retreat, if you choose, you may apply the fee for this mini-retreat to attend the upcoming Healing with Nature retreat in Boulder Colorado, August 26-29,2021 at the Rocky Mountain Eco Dharma Center.

Offer $54: to support the teaching of this work Offer $27: if the previous option is unaffordable Offer $108: if you’re feeling abundant and would like to help us continue to offer this at a sliding scale