Mindfulness in Nature

Riding the waves of life with ease

These seals meet the moments of life with ease, openness and flexibility to ride the waves as they unfold. Often in life we are rushed, moving from one thing to the next. Wave after wave of life occurs, and if we try to crash through it or swim past it we can become exhausted and overwhelmed. If life is a series moments in which we can choose how we move with, or ride the wave of- the practice of mindfulness can help us to experience more ease, openness, joy and aliveness life.

Can we learn from theses seals as the hold steady among the waves- meeting each moment of life as it arises. The next time you are in a wave in your life- how can you stand still, breathe, be present to the conditions and choose to point your attention into the beauty, love, mystery, openness of to choose a more healthy way to experience life. Choosing to let nature teach and share lessons of mindfulness with you is a beautiful way to deepen your mindfulness practice. See if you can invite presence when in nature and in the moments of life with a willingness to be easeful, open and flexible to whatever unfolds.