Mindful Parenting Course – 2012-10-04

It can be enormously challenging, at times, to be a parent. And sometimes, despite our best intentions, we parent in ways that we do not feel good about when looking back. From there we tend to quickly move onto judgement, vowing to do better next time.

The goal of Mindful Parenting is to bring more clarity, calmness and wisdom into our daily lives, which translates into the way we parent our children. By living in the present moment we are better able to make ourselves available to our children, helping them to nurture and grow in healthy ways. Through the practice of mindfulness meditation, we will explore those triggers in life that push us too far, and examine ways to wisely act rather than react.

The Mindful Parenting course at New Mindful Life is a 4 week class which meets once per week. The course is held in a group setting, providing support and a forum to share your experiences as we work through the different aspects of mindful meditation practice. Through the techniques covered in class and your home coursework, which includes exercises and audio files, we can help undo the tension that is often associated with worry about the future, and anxiety about the past.

Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation With Regard to Parenting:

  • Family relationships are enhanced
  • Alleviation of stressful events with a clear, calm mind
  • A greater understanding of our reactive nature and possible triggers
  • Methods for acting rather than reacting
  • An awareness of becoming more present to the needs of our children and ourselves
  • Appreciation for previously overlooked moments in life
  • Increased calmness and stability