Mindful Eating Course – 4/9/2012

San Diego Mindful Eating CourseExploring of the intersection of mindfulness, eating, food and physical health. This course includes both formal and informal mindfulness meditation practices and eating awareness exercises as a means of bringing about significant changes in behavior, eating patterns and overall health.

Each class will include a significant component of mindfulness practice, as well as instructional material in the form of audio recordings, printed materials and website access. The course is a total of 4 sessions, each lasting about 90 minutes.

4 Week Mindful Eating Course Overview:

Week 1 – Cultivating mindfulness on a daily.
Week 2 – Bringing mindful changes to your behavior around eating.
Week 3 – Bringing mindful changes to physical movement and your body.
Week 4 – Making mindful, consistent changes to health choices with eating behaviors and the body/physical movement.

Participants will explore the joys and sorrows held in eating and food, the disconnects and communions, and the avoidance and cravings – all of which can be opportunities for more conscious, mindful living and eating. Participants will also explore the accomplishments and challenges held in meeting the body, the acceptance and resistance, and the trust and uncertainty- which are also opportunities for more conscious, mindful well-being and health.

The practice of present moment awareness (mindfulness) is at the heart of all aspects of healthy living, as it allows us to see clearly into the choices we make, the emotional reactions we have and the things that are most important to us. Because of the universal nature of mindfulness, while this workshop is focused upon food, eating and weight, the skills gained will apply to all aspects of life, including relationships, work, and physical health.