Mindfulness Meditation Resources

New Mindful Life has created a resources section for your self study of mindfulness and incorporating mindful techniques into your daily life.


Our articles section is a collection of posts written by Dr. Rochelle Calvert and other New Mindful Life associates. The articles section of our website is constantly being updated, so visit often and subscribe to our mailing list to be notified when new materials are added.

Audio Files – Guided Mindfulness Meditations

The audio files section of our site contains a selection of free guided meditations available for download. We encourage you to listen to take this opportunity to listen to our free mindfulness mp3s.

Mindful Links

A list of mindfulness related links for further reading.

Mindfulness Books

A compilation of mindfulness related reading from various authors including: Mark Coleman, Tara Brach, Robin Wall Kimmerer, David Loy, Jon Kabat-Zinn,  and more.

Six-week Introductory Training in Mindfulness- Online Course

Six weeks of daily support to establish a consistent practice of mindfulness into your life. Through video teachings, meditations, journaling and support from the teacher you learn to develop and integrate mindfulness into your life.

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