Free Meditation Audio Downloads


Below, you’ll find links to all the important areas that are available to you on New Mindful Life. Please feel free to peruse these links as well as the rest of the website and don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions.

DOWNLOADING AUDIO – If you are downloading audio files, please make sure to download them one at a time to ensure you receive the entire recording.

You may also find the following Mindful Meditation Books very useful in developing your practice.

Guided Meditation Audio Files

We recommend that you Listen to the files in your browser by clicking the Listen links below, but you may also Download them to your computer.

If you are having trouble downloading the audio, you may access the audio on New Mindful Life’s YouTube channel by clicking this link.

Instructions for Downloading

Find the download icon and click/press it to initiate the file download.

**Downloads may take a couple of minutes because of file size and depending on your connection speed.

Audio Files:

 3 Minute Seated Meditation

Click to Download

10 Minute Breath Meditation

Click to Download

20 Minute Body Scan 

Click to Download

10 Minute Loving Kindness Meditation

Click to Download

20 Minute Loving Kindness Meditation

Click to Download

Meditation for Breaking Free from a Busy Lifestyle

Click to Download

Mindfulness Meditation for Flying & Traveling

Click to Download

Guided Mindful Movement Practice Parts 1 & 2

Click to Download Part 1

Click to Download Part 2