March NEWSLETTER: New Mindful News


New Mindful News:

March 2016

Greetings, Mindful Community!
~Our Monthly Theme: Impermanence & Change ~

Impermanence is a truth of our existence. Everything is constantly changing. When we can begin to see this is true in our experiences both inwardly and outwardly in the world we can begin to invite in the change, instead of resist which often causes us stress. This month take time to invite your awareness to connect with this truth. See the changingness of your mind, body, heart, home, work, relationships- give a moment of your awareness to take in the wonder of life unfolding, let change happen, appreciate the beautiful specialness of each arising and passing moment.

We welcome each and every one of you to bring awareness to each moment by joining us for any of our upcoming events and courses in Mindfulness. Make sure to scroll down for inspiration to accept the changes in our lives and live with present-moment awareness below. Hope to see you in our space soon…

With peace and connection,
Dr. Rochelle Calvert & the New Mindful Life Team

Events & Courses

4/3/16, Sunday:

Half-Day Retreat
~Give yourself the gift of time and reflection, if only for a day.~

Starting 4/19/16, every Tuesday for 6 Weeks:
Six-Week Introductory Training in Mindfulness
~Awaken your senses and learn to live mindfully everyday.~

4/20/16, Wednesday:

Community Night Event
~Explore the different forms of meditation with guest speakers focused on each month’s theme. ~

*All events are held at*
New Mindful Life
2121 5th Ave. Ste 110
San Diego, CA 92101

From “Love Poem”
by Thay

Your eyes are made of the six elements — earth, water, fire, air, space, and consciousness. They are made of these only, but they are beautiful. Should I make them mine? Should I try to make them last for a long time? Should I try to record them? But I know that what I can record would not be your true eyes…

Your eyes are impermanent. Your eyes are not you. Yes, I have been told, and I have seen it, yet they are still beautiful.

Just because they are impermanent, they are all the more beautiful, The things that do not last long are the most beautiful things — a shooting star, a firework.

Knowing your eyes are impermanent, I enjoy them without trying to make them last forever, without trying to hold on to or record them or make them mine. Loving your eyes, I remain free.


by Alisha Chapin MA

Have you noticed that the ocean holds everything without holding onto anything?  This is a proper way to hold the changes that occur.  Holding our breath does not work long term, and you can’t only inhale and refuse to exhale.  Everything comes and goes.  In stillness there is still breath.  In a desert there is water living in the catci and in the animals, and being distributed into delicate petals of the desert flower.  We need all the parts.  The sunken ships, the dolphins, and even where the sea meets its edge as crashing waves.  But the crash does not destroy the ocean.  The ocean still Is, and it is always (in all-ways) letting go.  It delivers star fish, sea glass, a dead seal, even it offers itself up to become rain.  It gives up willingly whatever is on the tide.  And so we could be so generous, so understanding that we are not really changed by the coming and going of the tide.  There is an untouchable part of us that maintains and persists even if one were to lose a limb.  There is a piece of you that Is always….  And yet when you lean into even that… you will find change.  “I always love coffee!”  Until you find a time of day, a year that you don’t.  But something persists beyond our preferences.  Something pulls at the tides and pulls at us, and reveals different lives as the water fills up, stirs things up, and then recedes.  Help me celebrate the comings and goings.  Help me know there is a place “beyond right and wrong” (Rumi) where everything IS,  beyond our opinion of it.  Exhale, relax knowing this too is okay.  At the heart of you some part has not changed, and at the heart of that some part of you is always being revealed and hidden at any given moment.  The truth is, “it is as it is”, and holding the space for it to be as it is, is like the ocean holding everything, and yet holding onto nothing.