Intermediate Mindfulness Training – 2015-10-27

intermediate-mindfulnessMeant for individuals who have already participated in an introductory SIT course.Intermediate courses are designed to support deepening understanding into the various aspects and practices of Mindfulness.

The course will be a 5 week course to more deeply explore and understand the common barriers that arise in mindfulness practice. The five common barriers are 1) Desire, 2) Aversion, 3) Tiredness/Dullness, 4)Restlessness/ Agitation, and 5) Doubt. During the weeks you will deepen you practice of mindfulness and learn skillful means to working with these barriers as they arise in your practice.

Dates: Tuesday, October 27th through Tuesday, November 24th

Time: Every Tuesday from 5pm to 7pm

Location: New Mindful Life, 2121 5th Ave Suite 110 San Diego, CA 92101

Fee: $300 per five week course