Blog: How to Practice Oneness a post by Rochelle Calvert

How to practice Oneness?

Yoga on cliff

One way to begin to reflect and open to the practice of oneness is to consider in what ways do you bring respect to the living things in your life? Examples of this might be: Can you take time to reflect how important the spider is in your home that you may have an instinct to want to kill), as its role in your day to day life ensures there are less flies, ants or other insects that might affect your quality of life? Can you take time to reflect on the efforts of all the people, material, resources that are involved in allowing you to have one glass of water? Can you reflect on the uniqueness of qualities you have that by your words, presence, support, actions allows another person/being in your life to experience a better quality of life. The opportunities to reflect/contemplate oneness are limitless. Its giving our selves a moment to see the endless connections that exist in every experience and act we engage in on a day to day basis.

As you practice mindfulness and the contemplation and reflection of oneness this can help bring greater insight and realization of the effect of your actions and a greater appreciation for the present moment you are experiencing and ALL that is required to allow that moment to arise.