How to practice nature mindfulness

Being with nature every day

Almost daily each of us engages and interacts with nature. Even if it is that we look out the window of our home, care for an indoor plant, walk from our car in/out of work or home, or we take a walk in our neighborhood- we all have moments in we experience with nature. This is what makes nature a lovely and easy way to practice everyday mindfulness.

By learning nature mindfulness practices we can apply them easily in and throughout our everyday life. Learning different practices to awaken the senses, connect to the elements, and awareness to the body, mind and heart in nature, you learn to apply your mindfulness practice in the moments you meet nature allowing your practice to grow and be supported by everyday life moments.

Natural Environments are Supportive

Depending on the challenges or stresses we face- various meditations can be more supportive to our healing.  And just as various meditations are helpful for certain difficulties, so too are different environments to support well-being.

Nature mindfulness supports our mental, physical and emotional well-being as we practice in various environments to respectively support our individual needs. For example, if we are feeling restless, overwhelmed, anxious, it may be more helpful to find environments that are in canyons, surrounded by solid rock, or have thick dirt or soil that we can directly attune our awareness into allowing for more grounding and settling.

Environments in nature are constantly changing and giving way to different possibilities to practice nature mindfulness to support our practice and our well-being. As we learn to become more embodied in our practice and in relationship to nature’s environments we can support our own healing.

Nature Meditation

Mediation practices support our well-being. Practicing nature meditation is much like practicing meditation, however instead of just an inner focus, we include and direct our awareness to the experiences in nature. Learning to meditate in nature is to experience our inner landscapes- breath, body, mind and emotion with the direct influence and support of nature as we meditate.

By practicing meditation for extended periods of time in nature, we can experience the benefits that come from both practice and nature, which can give way to profound insights of healing and well-being.