Upcoming Courses & Events

Mindfulness supports us being present in THIS moment so we can choose to skillfully respond within the lives we live. We offer various mindfulness events, workshops, semiars and courses to help individuals and organizations learn how to develop and grow mindfulness practice into their lives. Mindfulness can be practiced in a formal way by sitting and learning to meditate, as well we can learn to ways to practice being mindful in everyday life. We also often use the support of nature as a way to support practicing mindfulness as nature easily supports our attention, our bodies and our hearts providing a container to explore the pratices of mindfulness.

We teach courses on: introduction to mindfulness, mindfulness in nature, MBSR, mindfulness in the workplace. We also host a variety of events related to deepening one’s mindfulness practice which include topics like: barriers in mindfulness practice, cultivation of the heart practices, working with difficult emotions and thoughts. If you are interested in a specific course or event that is not in our upcoming schedule, please feel free to reach out to us at info@newmindfullife.com!