Blog: TRUST, a post by Dr. Rochelle Calvert


A post by Dr. Rochelle Calvert


Trust /trəst/ : a firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something.

This word has many ways of being experienced- we can look outwardly towards people, objects, or work to place our Trust. Often, however, the experience of looking for Trust outside of ourselves can shift towards unstable. Inwardly cultivated Trust is the most reliable and stable way we can know what is true.  Our mindfulness practice can support the development of a deep unwavering sense of Trust in our experiences as true.

I wanted to speak about Trust as it is experienced and cultivated in mindfulness practice. In the past few months, Trust has been a grounding and stabilizing quality in the growth of my personal practice as well as the creation our new meditation studio. I have realized through this journey that there is a different kind of knowing that can arise inside myself. This knowledge gives rise to a greater sense of ability to Trust what is unfolding in my experience. In one of the first mindfulness classes I took, I remember a practice of mindful walking and acutely paying attention to my feet and the sensations of walking. As I noticed and experienced my feet, I felt (for the first time) all the muscles moving, the texture of the carpet, the intricate motions of my foot to move to take a step, that my foot was supported by the earth, that my foot was connected to the earth engaging in supporting interactions….Trust in the experiences of my body to move, be in connection and support. These moments of insight have continued through my investigation of mindfulness practice. Each time I have an insight to know something deeper about myself, learn about theses teachings or be in community; I learn to Trust experience more deeply.

This is big part of the “why” behind the opening of our studio and what I aim to offer through New Mindful Life meditation classes. I am convinced that if we practice we can heal ourselves and change the way we live. If we are given the opportunity to know ourselves more kindly within, we grant ourselves the ability to understand the landscape of ourselves and our lives. We can be in connection to one another as a community. We can grow our sense of Trust in our ability to change and heal. I am hopeful that as you are invested in the cultivation of your sense of well-being you come to Trust yourself, the learning you take in, and the community in which you connect- to allow transformation in your life.

As you reflect on this topic, you may ask yourself a few questions to deepen your connection of practice and this quality of Trust.

What do you Trust?

Are they experiences outside or inside yourself?

Is the Trust you have strong or weak?

What would strengthen your ability to Trust inwardly?  

Is the Trust you have reliable and stabilizing for your well-being?