Blog: Practices in Mindful Gratitude a post by Dr. Rochelle Calvert, PhD BCBA

Practices in Mindful Gratitude

by: Dr. Rochelle Calvert, PhD BCBA

walking_gratitudePracticing gratitude is an opportunity to connect deeply to a greater sense of well-being, connection to others, empathy and optimism.

The practice of gratitude can be a simple but profound act of mindfulness practice in life. Taking a moment to connect to things we are able to have (how this has come to be), as well as realizing the things people have done for us, can help us improve our inner sense of ease and connection to one another.

Mindfully practicing gratitude is taking a moment to look inward to reflect on the possibilities that make the moment you are experiencing possible. Sensing your inner experience of the moment, connecting to the mental, emotional and physical experiences arising- then noting how these experiences are possible to arise within that one moment.

An example: The chair you sit on, feeling the sense of stability in your body, connecting to the comfort, trust, and ease of being able to sit. The chair- and the many hands that support its creation; the ground beneath the chair that was tended to and evolved over many thousands of years, to allow you to notice stability of sitting.

There is goodness in every moment that we often take for granted. Take a moment each day to reflect inwardly to take in and be grateful for what is good! Connect to the universe of possibilities that creates life in this moment.

Here are some areas you may want to reflect on to consider practicing mindful gratitude:

Eating a meal


Drinking water

The air you breathe

The body that is alive and able

Your friends

Your family

Your work

Your home

The challenges of the day at work

The difficult interactions with a friend or loved one

The range of thoughts and emotions you are able to feel and know

This is the one (unique) day that has been given to you as a gift to experience right now! Be grateful for all the moments and experiences that are here to know now.