Blog: Mindful Holidays by Dr. Calvert

With this holiday season comes a time for us to slow down and reflect on what makes this season so special. Gratitude and connection are what arisepexels-photo-42384 for me. I offer some ways with mindfulness practice to help us connect to that which fills our heart and mind with thanks.
In this time of eating, drinking, shopping, I am reminded there are ways to practice. Slowing down during this time to appreciate the hands that have made the food, the time and effort to take to make the items we purchase, the people that are interconnected to us in the process.
I was recently in a store to purchase a new technology device and had an opportunity to expereince gratitude and connection. I was being assisted by a sales representative to find this new device. He was able to help me, then as  our transaction unfolded he began to entice me with other offers for my business and family. At first I noticed my reaction, “just another sales pitch and attempt to get my money”. But as I watched my reactivity, I chose to use my practice- and was able to pause into it, let it go, and keep my engagement in a neutral and open manner. Through dropping into my practice in this moment I was able to see the beautiful gifts that were being offered to me from this sales representative. He was offering ways for me to save money for my business and help me find more ease in my life with technology. What a gift. As I let myself continue to enter the connection and support, he came to tell me a bit about his life and the dedication and persistence he brings into all his interactions to support others with the best possible outcome for well-being. He shared that while he is working currently as a sales representative, he is simultaneously starting a non-profit to open an agency to support mentoring for foster youth to give back to the community that once supported him. Such a beautiful and inspiring person, and as I took time in my experience of the holidays to step out of my reactivity, I truly was blessed by seeing the gifts of another with me. So simple, and yet so much gratitude for his being persistent and supportive and gratitude for my practice to allow a new connection.
I invite you in this season, and in our current state of our nation, to take the time to be present to others.  Give a moment of gratitude in your heart to the goodness that everyone is trying their best to offer in interaction, and see if a deeper more meaninful connection can arise to support your well-being and another.
May you all care for yourselves, family and friends with joy and ease.
Sending Love and Joy-