Blog: Change & Transformation by Dr. Calvert

pexels-photoWith the onset of fall, the colors, the weather, the pace of life changes. We enter a time to connect to transforming ourselves in the midst of this change. We are moving from that which was the intensity and fun of the summer, to a time of reflection, pause, slowing and letting go.
Right now in the fall of change in our environment, I am enjoying the dew of the morning, the crisp of the evening, the changing smells of earth, the vibrancy of the colors shifting and changing in nature. When I allow moments to pause, slow, reflect and connect into these changes, I open to an opportunity of transforming. As I allow my practice to unfold and connect to these changes, I am feeling greater sense of being grounded within, experiencing increased clarity in my thinking, and a reflective quiet arising in my heart. These expereinces are giving rise to allow me to let go of outcomes and to enjoy the transformations of what are occuring in my life.
During the change of seasons give yourelf opportunites to reflect-
Where do I want to change?
What may I need to change?
What might I want to slow down and enjoy?
What might I want to let go?
See where you can mindfullly meet the changes of our season to inform greater possibilities for transformation in your life.