Meditation Audio Downloads

New Mindful Life offers a variety of mindfulness meditation MP3s and audio files for download. These guided meditations are part of our mindfulness meditation courses at New Mindful Life, and are available to anyone interested in mindfulness practices.

You will need to become a registered member of our website to listen to the meditations. All you need to do to register is provide a name and email address – you will log in using your email address and a password will be emailed to you. You may choose to listen to them directly on our site, or download them as mp3s for your personal use.

Presently, we are offering our entire suite of mindfulness-based, guided meditations for free!

You can also listen to many of our audios on our Mindfulness YouTube Channel.

The free mindfulness meditations for download include the following recordings:

  • 3-Minute Breathing Space
  • 10-Minute Awareness on Breath Meditation
  • Guided, Seated Meditation Practice
  • Loving Kindness Meditation
  • Guided Mindful Movement Practice I
  • Guided Mindful Movement Practice II
  • Guided Body Scan Practice
  • Seated Awareness Meditation Practice

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