April NEWSLETTER: New Mindful News ~Awaken the Senses~

New Mindful News:

April 2016

Greetings, Mindful Community!
~Our Monthly Theme: Awakening the Senses ~

This time of year it seems everything is sparkling with aliveness. Spring-time is the shift in the year when things are awakening from hibernation and rest, moving into a time of growth and liveliness.In our mindfulness practice we can cultivate this type ofawakening both within and around us through our senses. By choosing to bring awareness to the sense gates, we can experience the fullness of awakening and being alive.

*NEW Meditation & Mindfulness Monthly Membership*
We will start offering a monthly membership to New Mindful Life which will grant you access to unlimited events, drop-ins, and talks we host at our space for a single price per month. We hope to create a space where practitioners may come to sit, learn, and expand mindfully among a community of open, loving individuals. Look out for more information coming soon!

*NEW Weekly Teachings & Groups*
With addition to the membership offering, we will be adding even more regular drop-ins and monthly teaching nights so as to offer more opportunities in which  our members may participate. These will include a weekly Morning Drop-In Meditation, a monthly Mindful Book Club, & Compassionate Kindness Talks specifically geared towards those intermediate practitioners, though ALL are welcome 🙂
*NEW Thursday Night Drop-in Meditation*
Join us on Thursday evenings at 6:30pm for a drop-in meditation with guidance from our lovely teacher, Matt!

We welcome each and every one of you to bring awareness to each moment by joining us for any of our upcoming events and courses in Mindfulness. Make sure to scroll down for inspiration to guide in your awakening this season…

With peace and connection,
Dr. Rochelle Calvert & the New Mindful Life Team

Events & Courses


Meditation & Mindfulness
Monthly Membership
Many Mindful Opportunities, One Monthly Fee…
~A Space to Sit, Learn, Live & Love Mindfully~
*starting in May*

Starting 4/26/16, every Tuesday for 6 Weeks:
Six-Week Introductory Training in Mindfulness
~Awaken your senses and learn to live mindfully everyday.~

5/1/16, Sunday:

Half-Day Retreat
~Give yourself the gift of time and reflection, if only for a day.~

*All events are held at*
New Mindful Life
2121 5th Ave. Ste 110
San Diego, CA 92101

~Mindful Awakening Practice~

Sensory Wake-up
by Dr. Rochelle Calvert PhD

In the coming week, see if you can bring awareness to your senses. Pick one sense and allow yourself to feel what truly is present in the sense in THIS moment.  Observe the sense gate as it experiences the unfolding, changing sensations. You can focus your awareness to notice what arises internally OR choose to focus your awareness on external experiences to notice what arises.

Here are a few suggestions to support your focus of awareness to deepen this type of awakening and sensory meditation:

Sight- become aware of the eye taking in: colors (brightnesses, dullness, darkness), textures/shadows, movements of things in your environment…

Smell- become aware of the aromas of the environment around you: the earth, the air, the qualities of freshness, thickness, sour or sweetness….


Touch- become aware of the sense gate of feeling: the way the body experiences contact with others, with nature, within your everyday environment (noticing qualities of groundedness, softness, hardness)…

Taste- become aware of the experience of taste: that may arise when eating (sour, bitter, sweet, flavors) and when not eating (the taste of air, moisture), noticing the transient changes of sensations of the taste buds

Hearing – become aware of the constancy of sound: arising as vibrations, pitch, tone, moving in and passing through the ear