May NEWSLETTER: Patience

“If we are facing in the right direction, all we have to do is keep on walking.”


New Mindful News:
May 2016

Greetings, Mindful Community!
~Our Monthly Theme: Patience ~

“Hurry up and Wait”, this is often what patience can feel like when we are trying to practice it.  We often want what we want now, and the idea of having to “wait for it” can feel agitating, frustrating and uncomfortable.

When we learn to cultivate patience in our mindfulness practice we can learn how to re-relate to our urgency “to get”, “figure out”, “to know” or “to have settled”. The experience of patience is actually learned when we allow ourselves to be in the midst of these experiences of “impatience”. By witnessing our reactive habits to it, we can then change our relationship to how it unfolds within us. This is what leads to the true cultivation of patience.

With peace and connection,
Dr. Rochelle Calvert & the New Mindful Life Team

**NEW** at New Mindful Life
We appreciate your patience in waiting for the official offering of our…

*Monthly Meditation Studio Membership* 

It is with much excitement and gratitude that we officially announce the offering of a Monthly Membership to our Meditation Studio. We will now offer a more consistently available space to quiet your mind and explore the stillness.

With the membership, you will have UNLIMITED ACCESS to the Drop-in Meditations (Morning, Lunchtime, & Evening), Dharma Talks, Community Night, Half-Day Retreat, Open Studio Sits & other insightful Featured Events~ Sound & Movement Meditations, Special Speakers, & many more.~

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Monthly Membership to Meditation Studio

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5/18/16, Wednesday:

an Evening with Astika
~Join us for insightful and meaningful talks and meditation from our friend Astika of Pilgrimage of the Heart Yoga ~

6/5/16, Sunday:

Half-Day Retreat
~Give yourself the gift of time and reflection, if only for a day.~

*All events are held at*
New Mindful Life
2121 5th Ave. Ste 110
San Diego, CA 92101

~Patience in Practice~

” Progress
by Matthew Goodman, MA BCB

Progress moves more like a spiral
than a climb up or down the mountain.
Each slip, each fall
is not a setback
but a necessary staying on the path.
Aiming to reach great heights,
moving vertically,
is a symptom of our culture
and is like the Buddha’s notion
of craving.
No, instead,
progress moves more like a spiral.
A vertical ascent is met with
a vertical descent
combined with those painstaking horizontal moments
of going nowhere.
we do grow wiser with each circle we make.
Continually retracing our steps
this time a bit more expanded,
a bit more knowledgeable.
Revisiting our steps
over and over
not really going anywhere
yet growing more aware
each time around
like a spiral.
approach your life like a spiral.
Don’t expect to conquer, move on
forget and grow
ascend and plateau at the top of the mountain.
Mindfulness is being present
being present is seeing what is
what is is always changing and moving around-
retracing our steps
yet growing wiser each time.
So move with stillness
with mindfulness, and infinite patience.
There is nowhere to go
yet movement still occurs
just like a spiral.