BLOG: Practices in Presence, Connection, and Giving & Receiving a post by Dr. Rochelle Calvert, PhD BCBA

Practices in Presence, Connection, and Giving & Receiving
*Holiday Edition*
a post by Dr. Rochelle Calvert, PhD BCBA
The true intention behind giving and receiving is the connection it grants us, threading its way into various aspects of the holiday season. During this stirring time, the most beautiful present of all is the presence we provide to ourselves. By taking care of our mind and body, by making good decisions about what we are giving one and other, and by not being reactive in our interactions with others, we are more capable of connection. This is the true, underlying meaning of Giving & Receiving.
When looking at presence during the holidays and all days, how do we stay true to that sense of connection and mindfulness? First, identify the stress we are surrounded by this season- self-expectation, money, & social interactions with family. If we allow ourselves to truly take a moment and bring awareness to these stressful elements, we see the importance of balance which is indicative of living mindfully. Pose these questions to yourself….



Am I giving to myself?

Am I engaging in Self-care?

Am I practicing Loving-Kindness and Compassion?

Are my expectations based on my intentions?


What are my intentions?

Am I choosing clearly?

What are meaningful/caring/kind/loving ways to express my connection? Or my gratitude?

Family Interactions:

How can I be most present to those I love?

What reactive habits/patterns might I choose to be aware of to encourage new ways of relating?

What is it I want/need from my interactions?

What can I accept, let go or trust in my interactions?

Now go forth and connect with the present of presence for you to share with yourself and all those you love 🙂